GNU Privacy Guard

Werner Koch

Founder, Project Lead

Werner has more than 25 years experience in commercial software development on systems ranging from CP/M systems to mainframes, languages from assembler to Smalltalk and applications from drivers to financial analysis systems. He is a long time freedom activist, and co-founded the Free Software Foundation Europe in 2001.

Werner has provided security consulting for Red Hat, Deutsche Bahn, IBM, Germany's Federal Office for Information Security, and many other global organisations. He lives near Dusseldorf with his family.

About Werner's company:

g10 Code is a privately held company founded by Werner and Walter Koch in 2001 to further the development of GnuPG. The company specialises in cryptography development, low-level coding, code audits and general development support. g10 Code has extensive experience on all kind of POSIX platforms (Linux, UNIX, BSD, etc.) and in porting software to and from MS Windows and WindowsCE.